Farm Shop


As the doors open the daily papers are waiting and the bread is freshly baked and cooling with the handmade pies and pasties - all baked fresh on site. Milk and yogurts are delivered fresh from our dairy.

Look out for our fresh croissants and cookies. They are very popular, so don't hang around for long. Give us a call if you'd like to order to guarantee we have some for you.


Baked fresh every morning

Baguettes, demi baguettes, sliced, boules, baps... Flavoured breads. Fresh croissant available at weekends, or by request.

Our bread is also available for baking at home


Milk, yogurts, cheese, eggs

Milk and yogurt from our farm. Cheeses from around the Cotswolds and the UK. Local, free range eggs.

Fruit & veg

From local farms wherever possible

Local, seasonal produce is hard to beat, so we source as much as possible from as close as possible.

We buy seasonal as much as we can


Local meat

Our butchers counter is filled with free range meat that is as local as possible.

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Store cupboard staples

For those last minute panic ingredients

Spices, pastas, tinned goods,


Wine, local beers & ciders and spirits

Our wine is supplied by a local wine merchant and so changes throughout the year. We stock a selection of local beeers and ciders as well as spirit favourites like Smirnoff vodka and Gordon's gin. (We also sell the tonic!)

Chilled wine & bubbles available in our wine fridge



Have you tried our homemade ice cream yet?

We stock frozen pizzas, pies, burgers, chips, pastry, gateaux and ready meals.

Find out more about our ice cream

Handy items

Loo roll, tin foil, body wash, tooth brushes...

Whether it's to wash your dishes, your clothes, your worktops or your floor, we have the products you need.

We also stock nappies and sanitary items.


Coughs, colds, headaches or tummy rumbles

We have a selection of pharmacy goods for most ailments. Anti allergy pills, Deep Heat, Calpol, Sudafed, Savlon, Rennie, Immodium, Aspirin, Nurofen, Paracetamol, plasters, tissues, razors, toothpaste, deodorant...